• Coriander Masala

Coriander Masala is grounded from coriander seeds, which is an essential condiment in Indian cuisine. Only some dishes can be made without the use of coriander powder. This powder has a pleasing aroma and savor. Coriander from which this powder is made is known to be the world's oldest spices. This is considered both as a spice and herb. The seeds are first dry-fried and then grounded for getting the powder. This proves helps in retaining the aromatic flavor of the seeds.


Coriander Masala powder can also be consumed along with water. It helps in alleviating gas and aids digestion. This powder is an essential condiment in barbecue. Like the leaves and the seeds are known to be very beneficial in medical practices.



·       Coriander Masala is mostly used in curries as it helps in curing any stomach upset issue and it also helps in treating all tummy-related issues like bloating, diarrhea, etc…

·       The masala can also help in reducing cholesterol level and lowers blood pressure levels

·       The menstrual cycle can be regulated, nausea, stomach and most of the eye problems and allergies can be taken care of with this powder

·       Coriander powder helps in digestion

·       When it is consumed with powdered aniseed, it is an excellent remedy for fighting a fever

·       Coriander Masala provides soothing relief from the heat and is known as a popular summer drink. However, you need to be cautious about the quantity as it may affect health adversely

·       The powder helps in detoxifying the body from heavy chemicals including lead, arsenic mercury, etc.



In Indian cuisine, Coriander Masala is used for taste. Frying, roast-ground the powder in the oil gives it the characteristic of 'curry' flavor. The coriander seeds have diuretic properties and it helps in alleviating gas and tones the digestive tract.

Coriander Masala

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